In Mandarin, Yu means “excellence” and Xin means “heart” or “mind”. Our name inspires us to serve with a heart for excellence. We address the need for K to 12 students to focus on their schoolwork and continually achieve the best for themselves in different aspects of learning.

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    YuXin is establishing and maintaining a network of tutorial and advancement centers, initially in the Philippines, and eventually in countries abroad.
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    With key partners in different regions of the country YuXin can serve students needing accessible support, and advancement programs. Dedicated people who value the importance of quality education, and share the same passion for learning.

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Rainy Weather Tips to Give to Your Kids


With the rainy season comes the increased risk of illnesses such as bacterial and viral infections. These are some tips that you can give to your kids. Always bring an umbrella and a raincoat. An umbrella protects them from weather, rain or shine. A raincoat will keep them warm and dry. Remember to keep good […]

What do teenagers say about ambition?


  We asked a few teenagers about their opinions on ambition via email and here are some of their interesting answers. Profit or Ambition? Young people are already thinking about security and pensions. But as for me, I want to become good at something first. Though college costs a lot these days, I’d still probably […]