Why get a YuXin franchise?

YuXin gives kids the academic support they need and helps them develop a heart for learning.

YuXin is a tutorial and advancement network that ismanaged by the leading and most awarded tutorialcenter in the Philippines. It is established incollaboration with a Singapore-based internationaleducation company, SAP. YuXin is a member of theAssociation of Filipino Franchisers Inc. and of thePhilippine Franchise Association.

A Trailblazer.

YuXin is the first to offer a program combiningacademic advancement sessions on SingaporeMath, Mind Mapping, and Speed Reading withother up-to-date study tools.

K to 12 Support.

YuXin is K to 12-ready, ready to support studentsin all levels for the spiral curriculum or adjust toany school’s curriculum and method of teaching.


YuXin is a great alternative for parents who donot want to spend too much in providing theirchildren with academic support outsidethe traditional school.


What are the services of YuXin?

Singapore Math

Singapore Math focuses on mastery andnot memorization. This method has beenproven effective as Singapore consistently ranks in the top at the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). More importantly, features of Singapore Math are incorporated in the development of the Philippines’ new K to 12 spiral curriculum.

Academic Tutorials

In a YuXin academic tutorial, a class consists of three to five students per teacher. The teacher will focus on the homework and assignments his students need assistance in.

Level-Up Program

Through YuXin’s Level-Up Program, students will gain mastery in Science, History, or other subjects using

Mind Mapping and Speed Reading as tools.



What’s in it for you?

YuXin will help you earn a steady income.

Education is a rapidly growing industry. The need for supplementary learning continues to intensify, because good education is every child’s ticket to future success—the dream of every parent for his child.

Reap rewards in more ways than one: Physical, mental, social, financial

  • Run a business that is less tiring andmakes you more energetic by beingaround young people.
  • Broaden your horizons by exchangingideas with bright, young minds andconstantly interacting with teachers,parents, school administrators, and yourfellow franchisees.
  • Invest in a business thatcomes with minimumrisk, as you rely onthe expertise of afranchisor with20 years ofexperience ineducation andmanagement.


You can save on time, money, and effort on success!

Save on developing systems and procedures

  • Exclusive training for the center owner and/or manager
  • We are ISO-ready.

Save on producing learning materials

You can use YuXin’s excellent educationaland business materials such as:

  • Tutorial diagnostic tests
  • Tutorial modules
  • Singapore Mathdiagnostic tests
  • Singapore Mathpractice tests
  • Singapore Math achievement tests
  • Singapore Math books
  • Orientation modules
  • PowerPoint presentationsfor parents and students
  • Teachers’ guides
  • Supplementary materialsand other companymerchandise

Save on hiring and training teachers and staff

Year-round training for all:

  • Teaching styles,methods, principles
  • Management system
  • Customer service
  • Singapore Math, English, MindMapping, and Speed Reading


Save on establishing a brand

Operate a Yuxin Center to use and leverageYuxin’s name, systems, brand logo, trademark, andmarketing materials to help grow your business.

  • Brochures and flyers Signage and tarpaulin
  • Calling cards and ID banner designs
  • Posters
  • Signage and tarpaulinbanner designs


Your YuXin Center will be included in YuXin’smarketing efforts

  • YuXin’s official website and other social networking sites
  • Advertising campaigns—billboard ads, print ads, press releases, others


How to get a YuXin Franchise:

  1. Scout for the right location.
  • Near schools, churches, malls, or subdivisions where there are many children of class A and B families
  • 60-80 square meters and should be clean, safe, and well-maintained
  • Accessible and has ample parking space
  1. Fill out the necessary forms:
  • Applicant’s information sheet
  • Application form
  • Letter of intent


Contact us at:

(+632)709 -1386 / (+63)905 -211 -1080
Unit 209, 2F Xanland Place, Katipunan Avenue, Loyola Heights, Quezon City
FB/ Twitter: getyuxin